The Zoom Room is where you can show off your incredible dance moves, or your fantastic outfit!

Zoom Room Rules

  1. You will be muted on entry.  Feel free to meet others and communicate  among-st yourselves in the chat room.  You can post publicly or privately.
  2. If you have a request or would like to do a shout out, raise your hand.  We will get to you and give you further instructions on how we will bring you into the live mix.
  3. No Profanity or vulgarity.  You will be removed immediately.  This applies to the both chat and video stream.
  4. No bullying.  You will be removed immediately.  This applies to the both chat and the video stream.
  5. Report any misuse or abuse to us immediately by sending a message to us only in the chat room.

Saturday May 9, 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Be sure to let everybody else see your killer tux or beautiful dress!  Get dressed up for the night and share to any social media - use hashtag



We want to give every Jr. and Sr. in West Central Ohio a night to remember! Join us Saturday Night May 9th, for the first ever Virtual Prom for West Central Ohio, brought to you by Woof Boom Radio and The Ohio Theatre!

DJLimaOhio.com’s Phil Austin will be hosting this fantastic event from the Historic Ohio Theatre in Downtown Lima, with DJ SNKRZ on the turntables! There’s just one catch... they’ll be the only ones there! We’ll live video stream the entire event, to be held just like any other prom, complete with lights, fog, and lasers. Not only will we be mixing up todays hits, taking requests,we’ll be able to interact with you and all of your friends with our integrated chat room below. Stay tuned to this website for complete details and to join the party Saturday, May 9, from 8-11pm!

The best way to enjoy Virtual Prom:

  • If you feel like dressing the part, or want to show off your dress or tux to the masses, do it! If not, it is not required.  One way is to use the hashtag #virtualpromlima on all social media when posting a pic of you in your outfit.  Also, share your twirl on the red carpet in our red carpet Zoom Room starting at 7:00PM, 1 hour before the prom.  You can also post your pic on our facebook style thread on the website.
  • Use 2 devices
    • One to watch the video stream
      • If you have a home computer with nice speakers and a larger video screen, this would be optimal
    • One for meeting everybody
      • You can join the Zoom Room to see everybody, and for everybody to see you.
        • Audio will be muted for everybody except us. People will see your video.  We will open your audio up if you are selected for a live request or a shoutout.
        • You can chat with others in the chat window.
        • Both your video streams and the chatting will be monitored. No tolerance policy on any questionable behavior.  You will be removed and not allowed to re-enter if we deem your conduct inappropriate.
        • This event is for juniors and seniors only.  You will be removed if we find out you have violated this policy.


The perfect way for juniors and seniors in West Central Ohio to practice social distancing, but not miss out on a once in a lifetime event!

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