FacebookgggWhen you’re starting a new business social media, especially Facebook, has become vitally important to your branding and even your sales. In some cases, as equally as important as your website. Facebook is a role so important its crucial to develop your Facebook page correctly. Whether your business is online only, direct sales, or you have a store front there are some important rules and concepts to follow to have a successful page.

For starters don’t create a personal profile (often called a “friend page”) for your business or product. Personal pages top out at 5,000 friends, and while likes aren’t actually the most important aspect of Facebook marketing you also don’t want to be limited by this number either. Creating a business (or “fan”) page will allow you unlimited likes which could lead to more engagement on your page. If you choose to do any advertising on Facebook you will need a business page because ads are not available for personal profiles.

People will also be more likely to “like” your page for your business than they will a personal page being used for business. Friending a business page is actually pretty invasive, particularly if you do not know the owner personally. When you friend any profile or page that page can then see your private profile. Consumers want to interact with your business as they please or as they need you but to invite you into their personallife.

When creating your business page fill the fields out as completely as possible. Facebook is a 24/7 opportunity for you to connect with your audience and your potential customers so you want them to be as informed as possible! Your information should always be current and up to date.
Use a profile picture directly related to your business. Your logo is always a good place to start! Your profile picture is what will be seen the most (and in your followers’ news feeds) so make it all about you! With your cover photo you can have some fun! A picture of the outside of your building, or products you offer, or customers in your store… the possibilities are endless!

Now that you have your page created invite your friends and people you know to “like” your page then… ENGAGE! Communicate with your followers. Give them the inside scoop on what’s going on with your business! Updates, deals, and pictures are great ways to keep your audience active and entertained! Reply to comments, posts and reviews daily! Check your inbox too, Facebook publicly rates your response time!

Facebook is a fine art but its easy to master! Just dive in and get started!
Happy Facebooking!

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